Single by Sunday - O2 ABC - Glasgow

Saturday night at the O2 ABC couldn’t have gone any better. Local band Single By Sunday play the first show of the year and kick it off with a BOOM. The four piece band were outstanding playing to over 1100 people. The band consists of the four members Josh (Singer) Jack (Bassist), Jorge (Drummer) and Jonny (Guitarist) 


The curtains were drawn closed after support band Human Renegade played their set. The fans were waiting early for the band to take the stage. The curtains rushed opened and we saw Jorge at the drum kit kicking off the show as the lights shined down on him matching his hair colour. The other band members ran on stage kicking off the show with some of their older hits.


The show was upped by 100% since their last O2 show, smoke machines, confetti cannons and even snow falling from the ceiling during one of their songs. The energy in the show was next level. The band was extremely professional on stage and you can see how much they have matured within the year. The band recently won Best Emerging International Artists in Canada.

Josh had his best night on vocals, you can tell from him playing all the shows in 2017 he has not only gained confidence but he knows how to sing as well as perform which isn’t an easy thing to do. He was interacting with fans screaming and getting them to sing along. Jack who was on the bass, was flawless not only he was playing, singer and rapping but his showmanship on stage with the fans shows he was born to do this. Jorge was the man who opened the show addressing the 1100+ fans in the venue, getting them riled up for a great night. Jorge played the night comfortably and even put a stick right through his snare drum, which goes to show he was playing one hell of a show. Jonny on guitar and vocals played well putting on a great performance. 

During the song Cold which is one of the bands slower songs they had snow fall from the ceiling which was a great touch which fans loved. They even had some fans in tears! 

Half way through the performance the band showed their latest music video to the fans. The music video is of the song Ya Punk which is off of their latest EP. After the video was shown the band returned to the stage wearing the same outfits as they had on in the music video which was a great touch as all the fans picked up on this. 

Rounding off the night the band played Say That You Love Me which is a new song off of their EP. The setlist for the night was strong with some of their older songs with a good balance of the new songs from their EP. If anyone hasn’t seen Single By Sunday in a show I would highly recommend it, not only for the vocals and music but for the performance. It wont be long till these boys are filling out bigger venues!