Eminem - Bellahouston Park - Glasgow Summer Sessions 2017

I was asked to attend and photograph the Eminem show at Bellahouston Park on August 24th. This was a sold out show with more than 35,000 people at it. It was held at Bellahouston park as part of Glasgow Summer Sessions. This was his first show since his last tour and it was the first show on his tour !

I was asked to photograph the artists preforming which included Russ, Danny Brown , Run The Jewels and Eminem.

Eminem played hits from all of his old albums right up to his most recent release. he even played lesser known songs like Business.

The rain got worse as the night went on however that didn't stop the crowd of 35,000. By the end of the night Bellahouston Park was all mud. I was soaked but it was all worth it for the phenomenal show.

Photographing artists like Danny Brown was a pleasure and same with Run The Jewels. Both of these artist have a huge following in the hundreds of thousands and same with Eminem with millions of followers and loyal fans. 

The photos I took are to be used with publications and the artists. The publications include MixMag and The Modern Record.

I shot most of the event with a Canon 7D with a 50mm f.14 lens.

It was an a great experience to be part of the event and to be working closely with artists I have followed for years. I also got a chance to speak with Jeremy Deputat , the photographer on tour with Eminem.

Photo below shows Eminem looking out at the crowd of 35,000