Four Year Strong

I got commissioned to photograph Four Year Strong. This band has released multiple albums and have toured the globe countless times. This tour however was a special one , this was the 10th anniversary of their first album " Rise or Die Trying " which started everything off for them. 

The show I photographed was at the Garage in Glasgow and was SOLD OUT. 

The lights and vocals were flawless and was a great show to photograph. Being only able to shoot for the first three songs limited how long I could spend in each area however all the shots came out well.

Alternative Press interviewed them before the tour and this was their quote.

"In 2007, we put out a record called Rise or Die Trying, starting us down a path that would lead us all over the world, and drastically change our lives. With 2017 marking the 10-year anniversary, it's time to say thank you."