Single by Sunday - O2 ABC - Glasgow

Saturday night at the O2 ABC couldn’t have gone any better. Local band Single By Sunday play the first show of the year and kick it off with a BOOM. The four piece band were outstanding playing to over 1100 people. The band consists of the four members Josh (Singer) Jack (Bassist), Jorge (Drummer) and Jonny (Guitarist) 


The curtains were drawn closed after support band Human Renegade played their set. The fans were waiting early for the band to take the stage. The curtains rushed opened and we saw Jorge at the drum kit kicking off the show as the lights shined down on him matching his hair colour. The other band members ran on stage kicking off the show with some of their older hits.


The show was upped by 100% since their last O2 show, smoke machines, confetti cannons and even snow falling from the ceiling during one of their songs. The energy in the show was next level. The band was extremely professional on stage and you can see how much they have matured within the year. The band recently won Best Emerging International Artists in Canada.

Josh had his best night on vocals, you can tell from him playing all the shows in 2017 he has not only gained confidence but he knows how to sing as well as perform which isn’t an easy thing to do. He was interacting with fans screaming and getting them to sing along. Jack who was on the bass, was flawless not only he was playing, singer and rapping but his showmanship on stage with the fans shows he was born to do this. Jorge was the man who opened the show addressing the 1100+ fans in the venue, getting them riled up for a great night. Jorge played the night comfortably and even put a stick right through his snare drum, which goes to show he was playing one hell of a show. Jonny on guitar and vocals played well putting on a great performance. 

During the song Cold which is one of the bands slower songs they had snow fall from the ceiling which was a great touch which fans loved. They even had some fans in tears! 

Half way through the performance the band showed their latest music video to the fans. The music video is of the song Ya Punk which is off of their latest EP. After the video was shown the band returned to the stage wearing the same outfits as they had on in the music video which was a great touch as all the fans picked up on this. 

Rounding off the night the band played Say That You Love Me which is a new song off of their EP. The setlist for the night was strong with some of their older songs with a good balance of the new songs from their EP. If anyone hasn’t seen Single By Sunday in a show I would highly recommend it, not only for the vocals and music but for the performance. It wont be long till these boys are filling out bigger venues!

Sigur Ros - SEC Armadillo - Glasgow

The three members of Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros took off on their current tour on mid September and they did so without the help of backing musicians, as had been their usual custom for a world tour, and without keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson, who left the group back in 2013. They played two dates in Glasgow at the SEC Armadillo. They put on a second show on 25th September due to popular demand.

The band who occasionally sing, have billed this stripped-back tour as “an evening with Sigur Rós”. The band performed with no support act which meant the crowd was instantly thrown into the immersive experience.

Instead of travelling with a support act or their usual accompanying orchestra, The bassist, Georg Hólm, drummer Orri Páll Dyrason and frontman Jónsi Birgisson have elected to perform two distinct “sets” with an interval in between and immersive, noise-reactive light display.  The band is world renowned with multiple hits and with a following of 1.7million people on social media , the band has also sold out shows across their tour.

Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi took the stage from and opened his mouth with calming screams and bent his head down it was nearly touching the ground as he played his signature bowed guitar in front of the crowd in Glasgow. You could instantly feel the presence of the band and you were instantly thrown into the immersive experience which was a Sigur Ros live show.

For those in the crowd not close enough to see his face ( also no displays in the SEC )  the concert’s visuals were spectacular and absolutely mesmerising . A projection backdrop was glowing and cross-shaped beams displayed imagery that were geometric and impressionistic, with a different colour palette for each song, this back drop provided extra effect which was so fitting for the music and had the crowd completely gripped throughout the whole show. The trio stood surrounded by lighting rigs that provided spots, twinkles, drips, and baths of colourful light, all while backed by very large and impressive projections.

At the start of the second act the band started off from behind the backdrop and half way through the song the backdrop fell opening up a whole other stage. The lights were set up in a way that provide great depth to the stage and it even projected shapes onto the walls of the SEC Armadillo.

One thing you have to know and understand about Sigur Rós is that they’re a band of subtlety and privacy. They’re all quite reserved guys, who literally let their music do their talking for them, they aren't loud , they aren't in your face and they rarely interact with the crowd.

The music was so gripping that during their songs which usually lasted around eight minutes the crowd would not look away , the lights made the stage so surreal and the music was so powerful to look away would be a missed opportunity. 

As the night was ending the crowd realised that what they just witnessed was something that you might not see again. For a band that doesn’t say much on stage, you for sure know that they put every bit of energy they had into their music. The show in other words was outstanding. 




SEC Armadillo

Ne-Yo - The Barrowlands - Glasgow

On Thursday 14th September I was asked to photograph Ne-Yo at The Barrowlands in Glasgow. This was one of his first shows on his UK tour. Ne-Yo was joined by supporting artist Adian Coker a new and upcoming rapper from England. 

American R&B star Ne-Yo  brought his “Good Man” Tour to Glasgow’s Barrowlands for the 2nd show of 8 U.K performance dates, and it comes to us just in time for his latest album of the same name which will be released later this month. From the very moment the record producing singer, songwriter, actor and dancer, Shaffer Chimere Smith stepped foot on the stage, with nothing other than his backing band and some clever use of laser lighting and set about delivering the journey of Ne-Yo to an almost packed venue of fans ranging from their 20’s to late 40’s.

The show kicks off with a short greeting from Ne-Yo, introducing himself and welcoming us to the 1st song of the night “So Sick”, a mellow slow jam from 2006 album “Libra Scale” before swiftly moving right into an up-tempo back catalogue of well-known dance/R&B tracks from early on in his career, including “Miss Independent”, “She knows”, “Champagne life” and “One in A Million”. Already the atmosphere is booming and the crowd are mirroring Ne-Yo, who’s clearly having a great time on stage singing and dancing.

Neyo has penned songs for likes of Rihanna, Conor Maynard, Mario, and Beyoncé (naming just a few amongst an array of famous singers he has written for), and those mentioned here got a good shout out before Ne-Yo sang his own personal takes on the songs he wrote for them during a more laidback acoustic/piano driven set.

He gave us a sneak peek into his soon to be released album, “Good Man”. Of the couple of tracks performed, it seems it will be little bit of everything R&B, pop, soul and dance. What an excellent show and night. Ne-Yo certainly spotlighted all the attributes that made him a global pop star.

Photographing Ne-Yo was a pleasure, his presence on stage made the job easy, hopefully we will work together again very soon.

Click the image to view the full set of photos!

Ne-Yo 11.jpg


The Barrowlands

Eminem - Bellahouston Park - Glasgow Summer Sessions 2017

I was asked to attend and photograph the Eminem show at Bellahouston Park on August 24th. This was a sold out show with more than 35,000 people at it. It was held at Bellahouston park as part of Glasgow Summer Sessions. This was his first show since his last tour and it was the first show on his tour !

I was asked to photograph the artists preforming which included Russ, Danny Brown , Run The Jewels and Eminem.

Eminem played hits from all of his old albums right up to his most recent release. he even played lesser known songs like Business.

The rain got worse as the night went on however that didn't stop the crowd of 35,000. By the end of the night Bellahouston Park was all mud. I was soaked but it was all worth it for the phenomenal show.

Photographing artists like Danny Brown was a pleasure and same with Run The Jewels. Both of these artist have a huge following in the hundreds of thousands and same with Eminem with millions of followers and loyal fans. 

The photos I took are to be used with publications and the artists. The publications include MixMag and The Modern Record.

I shot most of the event with a Canon 7D with a 50mm f.14 lens.

It was an a great experience to be part of the event and to be working closely with artists I have followed for years. I also got a chance to speak with Jeremy Deputat , the photographer on tour with Eminem.

Photo below shows Eminem looking out at the crowd of 35,000


I was asked to photograph Passenger at his sold out show at the O2 Academy in Glasgow. This was a show that passenger put on as part of his UK Tour. He had support from solo artist Chris Simmons. 

Passenger played the show with hits from old and new albums. I was given the opportunity to meet and spend time with Michael ( Passenger ). We discussed various aspects of the live show and his new album called Sunday Night Sessions which covers classic hits. 

The show was put on by DF concerts and with that I was only allowed to shoot for the first three songs. Security was strict and only allowed me to shoot from the photo pit and not from anywhere else in the venue which limited my shots even more. 

You can see my photos on the latest section of my website. 


Four Year Strong

I got commissioned to photograph Four Year Strong. This band has released multiple albums and have toured the globe countless times. This tour however was a special one , this was the 10th anniversary of their first album " Rise or Die Trying " which started everything off for them. 

The show I photographed was at the Garage in Glasgow and was SOLD OUT. 

The lights and vocals were flawless and was a great show to photograph. Being only able to shoot for the first three songs limited how long I could spend in each area however all the shots came out well.

Alternative Press interviewed them before the tour and this was their quote.

"In 2007, we put out a record called Rise or Die Trying, starting us down a path that would lead us all over the world, and drastically change our lives. With 2017 marking the 10-year anniversary, it's time to say thank you."

With Confidence

Got asked to photograph an Australian band called With Confidence. 

They were co headlining their UK Tour with Set It Off and and upcoming band called Homebound.

With Confidence were promoting their new album called Better Weather.

With Confidence are an Australian pop punk band from Sydney, formed in 2012. The band currently consists of lead vocalist/bassist Jayden Seeley, backing vocalist/guitarist Inigo Del Carmen, guitarist Luke Rockets and drummer Joshua Brozzesi.

With Confidence are back in September with Mayday Parade playing the O2 Academy for Mayday Parades 10th Anniversary.

Set It Off- 2017

Photographed Set It Off on their UK Tour in Glasgow, Scotland. 

This was their tour leading up to Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds.

I photographed the full set and even filmed the set to create a promotional video